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Episode 2: Nicolas Fett, Tellor

Episode 2: Nicolas Fett, Tellor

Interview with Nicolas Fett of decentralized oracle protocol Tellor

In the 2nd episode of my podcast interview series with crypto founders, I interviewed Nicolas Fett, CTO of decentralized oracle protocol Tellor (https://tellor.io).

A former economist with stints at CFTC and BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), Nicolas has a unique background and life story that led him to crypto. That's why I think Tellor is one of the most ambitious and hardcore-decentralized protocols in the industry. Furthermore, Nicolas explains how his work with Tellor informs his work with the Washington DC crypto lobby.

I interviewed Nicolas back in March 2022, so clearly a lot has changed in the markets since then. However, what remains the same are the tireless dedication and optimism of great crypto founders like Nicolas.

Watch this episode on YouTube:


  • Tellor website: https://tellor.io

  • Follow Tellor on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreTellor

  • Nicolas’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholas-fett/

PS. Three years ago, before Hummingbot was even born, Nicolas interviewed me on his podcast. Check it out to learn about Hummingbot's origin story!

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