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Digital markets and digital goods

My grand, unified theory of everything

Note: If there’s a personal silver lining from the last week, it’s that I discovered that I enjoying making videos a lot more than writing blog posts. I’m not sure quite sure why, but it’s less pressure and more fun. I’ll try to keep it to the weekends from now on, but I definitely want to make more of these in the future!

As for many of people in our industry, the FTX debacle has made me think about why I got into crypto in the first place, and why I’ll always be here.

Here’s the start of my answer.

I’ve started to formulate a theory called Digital Markets Theory. It’s still half-baked, but with your help, hopefully I can formulate it into a coherent explanation for crypto’s value proposition.

This will be the first video in a series. Watch here or on Youtube:


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